Centre Merchandise

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50th Anniversary Commemorative T-Shirt

We have designed a special top to celebrate Knox’s 50th Birthday.

2018-19 season athletes order their FREE personalised top when they register online with LAVic.

Parents, carers, volunteers and supporters can order their very own top here!

To personalise the top, add your name at ‘Name on back’.

Please note: We do not have these tops in stock.
Orders placed will be added to the next bulk order with the supplier.

Price: $25.00


'K' for kid's size.

Price: $50.00


One size fits most.

Caps can also be purchased from the canteen (cash only please).

Price: $5.00

SPIKES 7mm conical

Bag of 7mm conical spikes.

  • Under 9–10: NO spikes allowed in ANY event.
  • Under 11: May wear spikes in High Jump and Javelin ONLY.
  • Under 12–13: May wear spikes in all laned track, jumping and Javelin Events.
  • Under 14, 15 & 16: May wear spikes in ALL events except Shot Put, Discus and Race Walking.

All spike holes in the shoe MUST have a spike or blank fitted.

Specialist spikes for Javelin & High Jump are not available at the centre.

Price: $10.00

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