Centre Merchandise

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Face Mask

2 layer face mask with Knox logo

Price: $10.00


'K' for kid's size.

Price: $60.00


One size fits most.

Caps can also be purchased from the canteen (cash only please).

Price: $5.00

SPIKES 7mm conical

Bag of 7mm conical spikes.

  • Under 9–10: NO spikes allowed in ANY event.
  • Under 11: May wear spikes in High Jump and Javelin ONLY.
  • Under 12–13: May wear spikes in all laned track, jumping and Javelin Events.
  • Under 14, 15 & 16: May wear spikes in ALL events except Shot Put, Discus and Race Walking.

All spike holes in the shoe MUST have a spike or blank fitted.

Specialist spikes for Javelin & High Jump are not available at the centre.

Price: $10.00

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